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147 Massey Road, Guelph, Ontario N1K 1B2
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  • Saint Lawson
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    This company has a really bad information system and does not place their customers at the first place.

    I ordered two products from Dell. One was estimated to delivered on Thursday and the other one on Friday. On Thursday, I tracked my package online and it said notice was left. I went down and found the notice was left on a newly installed building door. The notice said the package will be available at a local store for pick-up tomorrow.

    So I realized that if same thing is probably going to happen on Friday and I won't be able to get both shipments until Monday due to the weekend.

    Then I decided to call Purolator and requested them to drop off my second shipment at the local store and don't bother delivering it since the route person does not have a key to enter the building. It's better off for both of us. Yet, the customer representative told me that he could not do it until delivery is attempted. But I already explained to him that the delivery will be in vain and I gotta wait for another weekend, but he wouldn't listen. He knows that it's not going to work and customer does not like it. But that's how his business works and customer service is definitely not part of the business.

    He then told me to call Dell for further assistance. I made my second call on Thursday and requested a drop off. Honestly, Dell has a really good customer service and told me don't worry. Just wait for a call on Friday and your shipment will be ready for me to pick up.

    Here is the drama. On Friday, I tracked my second shipment. Notice was left on the door again. I went down to grab it and it said pick-up will be available on Monday. I thought maybe that's how the poor Purolator system works and my request should be taken care after the attempt to delivery. Around 4 PM, no call came in. So I decided to make my third call by contacting Purolator. The representative sounds more professional this time and told me that my request was received and a call should be expected later today once the shipment is ready to pick up at the local store.

    At 6:09 PM, the tracking details were updated and the second shipment was available to pick up. Then I grabbed both notices and tried to pick them up. Once I was there, I was told that the second shipment was at their warehouse ready for pick-up, where it's 30 mins highway drive from my town, not here at the store.

    I am so shocked and mad. It's not really about the extra wait time. It's about how a customer request was handled poorly and misinterpreted in a completely opposite way. At 7:38, I received two calls from the warehouse and told me that per my request, the shipment will be held at the warehouse for pick-up for the next 5 business days. And the warehouse is about to celebrate its weekend at 8:00.

    Does that mean that I asked them to hold my shipment at a town that is far way and at that moment I didn't even know where the warehouse locates? If I still want to pick up my shipment on Monday, do I have to call them at 7:30 AM on Monday to make sure they will bring my package to my town instead of “per my request”? Or maybe they will bring it over on Tuesday and it's my fault to cause the confusion and delay? I am actually better off by doing nothing because extra request will make the system failed to function and it's at my expense.

    From now on, I will not do any business with Purolator, neither with its partners such as Dell Online. I will also persuade my friends not to use Purolator at their best effort. This is my tiny little response to a business that does not listen to its customers. They need to pay!

    Also, for the customer retention department, please do not bother escalating the issue here because the only way to solve the problem is out of your power scope. Plus, you guys desire a better workplace other than Purolator.

    Hope the world becomes a better place without Purolator. Peace!
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